Adam Smyth

21, Joinery, Westgate Joinery, Specialist Joinery (South) Ltd

I was a ‘Blue Peter kid’ – always making things.  One of my friends started a joinery apprenticeship and I saw what he was making and wanted to try.  I did work experience at my friend’s firm and careers advisers told me what grades I’d need and what qualifications I could get with an apprenticeship.  I’ve now done  joinery to level 3 and I’m moving up.  I’m training on the CNC machines, learning computer drawing and using the routers.

What fascinates me is that you start with some rough sawn timber and you transform it into something amazing.  If you want to get into the woodworking industry then now is the perfect time. CNC machines are coming but there’s still a lot of hand-skill work, and working wood by hand is definitely more satisfying.

Adam’s employer, David Pattenden, says:
“Apprentices add value through the new ideas they come up with. We’re seeing slightly older applicants who have been to university or come in from the armed forces. Our ex-soldier is really focussed: it comes with fitting your woodworking training into gaps between soldiering!”