Alice Kreuzburg

22, Business Administration, Tompkins

When I first left school I went to college to do Animal Management but soon found out it wasn’t for me.  I came out and as a gap-filler I started working as a retail assistant in a fashion store but it certainly wasn’t what I wanted in a career.  I’d heard about apprenticeships from other people so I started to look around for opportunities.  It seemed a good way to get on in a job and get qualifications.

Tompkins took me on and I’ve done my first apprenticeship in Business Administration to Level 3.  I help with all aspects of the business from talking to customers on the telephone to ordering wood materials and invoicing.  I’ve even used my hobby – photography – to help with marketing materials.  I’m about to start another course, a one-year apprenticeship in timber merchanting, so I can learn more about the materials I’m ordering from suppliers and why getting the right timber is so important to the future of Tompkins.

“My advice to others is to look carefully at what’s out there in the way of apprenticeships and jobs before you make your choices. Working for a firm like Tompkins and getting involved with the many different things they make has certainly expanded my horizons.”