Tom McKillop

21, Joiner, Tompkins Wood

What I like about it is seeing an end product. We make just about everything here to order – beds, staircases, cabinets, doors, windows.  You get to learn many different things and I also to go out on site sometimes to see the product in place and do the finishing touches.

I like to stand back at the end of the day and say “I made that”.  I take pictures sometimes and send them to my mates.  It’s a hands-on job and you see results – that’s what’s really satisfying about what I do.

Tom’s employer Andy Tompkins, says:
“Joinery, especially bespoke work like ours, involves a lot of skill and creativity. Apprentices like Tom pick things up quickly and are keen to press ahead. It’s amazing how quickly they make a positive contribution and come up with new ideas.”